It is possible to automatically track an address only for currencies that have the "premium" status. For "Standard" currencies, you must enter the amount you currently hold manually.

When currencies change to "Premium" status, we set up several ways to track these currencies. New machines are being deployed to ensure an optimal service for currencies previously put in place.

This is why the listing of a currency is subject to a "service fee" in MONK. For further informations about this, please look at our whitepaper or the listing page which contains information on listing fees.

For Standards coins, it is only possible to add an amount and modify it then. You cannot have multiple amounts for a currency until it is shown as "premium".

Please refer to the listing page. If you ever want to contact us, it is possible to get in touch with the developpers team on Discord.

Since we host premium currencies on our own, we use CoinGecko to provide informations about Standard currencies. This means that we rely on CoinGecko to provide us information about theses currencies and sometimes we are unable to provide them inside the app.

You may have entered a wrong password by mistake, this can happen. To regain access to your account, please head to the dedicated page "I forgot my password". Change your password, and try to log in again.

if the amount is different, there are two possibilitites

  1. On your wallet, please do a "coin control" and check that rewards or inputs are not on an "other" address created by the wallet.
  2. Our explorer, used internally, has a synchronization issue.

In this case, we will resolve the issue quickly by resynchronizing. You can inform us at any time of a possible problem on the discord provided for this purpose or using our contact email

It's not possible for your coin to stake on the application. You should know that the application allows you to track your currencies, but doesn't host any wallets.

If you want your coins to stake, it is important to check if your currency uses the Proof of Stake consensus and finally to leave your wallet unlocked to receive rewards.

The application will ask you to enter only your public address. This does not put your wallet in danger by any means, there is no risk.

Be aware that the application or a member of the team will never ask you for your private key ! If you are contacted by a person asking you, please let us know quickly by email or directly on the discord.

The answer is no.

If you want to trade your currencies, we invite you to get closer to your preferred exchange platform.

The development team is present throughout the week and will be able to react quickly. We invite you to send a message on the discord, in the appropriate channel called "#app-bug".

We also invite you to post your ideas related to the application in the "#app-wishes" channel. The development team is listening to its community, so it is with pleasure that we will read you.

No, we don't. All the informations you put in the app are private. We will never share them to others applications.

We save your informations (email, encrypted password, addresses) into our private database. This one is only accessible by our application and is totally safe.